what if

" i caught myself smiling again; thinking of you.
i got myself heartbroken just by looking at you.
what would happen' if i... kissed you"

by Gisella


varje andetag jag tar, tar jag för dig
varje steg jag tar, tar jag för dig
varje tanke jag har handlar om dig

men så en dag slutade jag tänka och gå
sedan slutade jag att andas.
vart tog du vägen?

av: Gisella

the other half who ever that is

it's all about chasing
and i aint chasing
not after you
but i do
i swear i do
love you

your smile and your laugh
is what's keeping me here
you are my other half

and i swear i do
love you

text by: Gisella Lopez

who i am

I'm ashamed
cause' i 'm so got damn lame
is not something i can explain
there is no one to blame
it's just who i am.

listen to the words:
it's just who i am

text av: Gisella Lopez
bild: google


it's raining
the sky is dark
it's like a beautiful art
the sun is hiding behind the dark
still raining

i open the window
i feel the air
i hear the drops
the noise
a drop down my cheek
sun coming back
stops raining and i close my window

( text: Gisella)
( bild: google )


"little girl why are you crying
little girl why are you hiding.
and she's gone
alone again as always
look up on the stars and start wishing.
wishing for some love, is there something left for me?"

text: Gisella Lopez 
bild: ffffound

i love my retards

"you allways make me cry or laugh
you allways hug me or punch me 
you allways happy or mad

but when you make me cry or when you are mad or even when you punch me
all you guys do is for a reason. and you do it with love"

by Gisella

never give up

"when you thought you knew somebody
but you didn't
when you thought you'll never get hurt
but you did

and all you got was a

heart broken
ocean of teardrops
sleepless nights

but in the end, you're the one walking proudly with your head up high
saying goodbye to the past and hi to the future."

by: Gisella Lopez aka Giizmo


" you can be angry 
you can be nice
you can be giving me all those advice.

you can be loving
you can be hurtful
and every day i see you so joyful

you are loyal
you are reliable
you are like an angel falling from the sky
you are the best friend that i could ever have"

By : GisellaLopez Aka Giizmo

when i close my eyes

"i look right nobody is there
i look left and all i can find is air

but then i close my eyes, all i can see is you.
and all i can hear is you clearer then ever
it's like it's meant to be forever.

but then i open my eyes

and i look right nobody is there
then i look left and all i can find is air"

By: Gisella Lopez aka Giizmo